I'm done with Nairobi night life... About an year ago I started going out. Actually it reached a point where I was asking myself kwani what did I use to do before I started going out. I can blame it on school, wanting to blow off some steam from the pressure there. But that would... Continue Reading →


LITTLE(the movie)

You guys, I went out. I took myself out for a movie. Is that wierd? Do people actually do that or are you already feeling sorry for me? So after stalking Marsai Martin on the gram long enough and seen that she was the brain behind the movie, Little, I decided to go watch it.... Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for food, a roof over my head, the clothes that I'm wearing. My mum, my dad, my sister, my best friend, my childhood classmates, my supervisors. school. I'm grateful for being a Kenyan. I'm also grateful for good health,my body, a great ass memory. I'm happy that I can... Continue Reading →


Today's Daily Inkling says, "Many times we feel like we’ve changed a great deal in a year. Name something, however, that you feel the exact same about as you did one year ago." Well, to be honest I've changed a lot this year. But I still wanna write my book by 2022 and I still... Continue Reading →

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