LITTLE(the movie)

You guys, I went out. I took myself out for a movie. Is that wierd? Do people actually do that or are you already feeling sorry for me? So after stalking Marsai Martin on the gram long enough and seen that she was the brain behind the movie, Little, I decided to go watch it. … More LITTLE(the movie)


Before anyone else asks me if I have Herpes let me make this clear.I have a scar on my upper lip on the right side and my classmates keep asking me what happened over the weekend. Nothing happened😡(Not that all of us haven’t had Herpes Simplex 1 at some point, maybe a stranger kissed you … More THE SCAR ON MY LIP


Take a break while you can. Breathe in. Breathe out. What’s the hurry for? Where are you going? It’s ok to slow down, relax, rethink. Even the sun sets but it rises again. So if you feel like giving up, it’s alright, but don’t give up forever. Get the fuck up!