What are the odds that my best friend and I talk about Grownish then the next minute I go to Instagram I find Yara Shahidi on my explore(she’s an actor on Grownish)

And this isn’t the first time. The other day I was thinking about getting a new pair of headphones (emphasis on thinking). Then I start seeing Ads on it on my browser. Can they now read our minds?

We were telling my mum about VR(virtual reality) the other day. That people will now be able to experience events from the comfort of their homes. Like if it’s skydiving or bungee jumping you’ll be able to feel like you’re doing the actual thing. And mahn wasn’t she shook. She thought it was illuminati. Haha, it’s been a while since I heard that word. (Maybe since high school)

But I do understand her because she’s old fashioned. Technology is still new to her. Makes me wonder about when we’re old, what kind of technology will be there? Timetravelling? Hello Avengers Endgame- if you know you know!