My first time attending an Indian engagement, I call it. I had to look up the meaning of Roka because I wasn’t sure whether it was a wedding or an engagement. But the excitement my classmates and I had, felt like it was a wedding. We we’re lucky to be invited. Thankyou Sunaina ❤️

So what’s a Roka Ceremony you may ask? Well according to,; an Indian Roka ceremony brings about the official announcement of the consent of both the boy and the girl for getting married to each other. It can be considered as stamping the boy and the girl with the title of “booked and engaged”. Both the families gather together for the first time and exchange sweets, gifts, dry fruits, etc. with each other and also bless the couple who will soon be getting married. Puja is performed according to the Indian rituals and traditions in the presence of a holy priest who recites the holy verses and performs the rituals.

Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s like ruracio for the Kikuyus?

It was a fun packed night with music filling the air until 12.00am, the DJ really knew how to keep people on their toes. There was no time the dance floor was empty. The couple of the day looked amazing 😍 in matching outfits. Food was in plenty, for vegetarians and for those of us who are carnivorous, there was an assortment of meat. Love me some Indian chicken curry. I really had fun and Lilly Singh was definitely a mood!

Love wins💃🏻