Some Big Bird Shit

A little back story. Every year hundreds of Kenyans join the rest of the world to mark Global March For Elephants, Rhinos and Lions (GMFERL), which is celebrated on October 7. GMFERL is a worldwide call to action to condemn the poaching of elephants, rhinos and lions and the trafficking of wildlife trophies. The march... Continue Reading →


Males should stop mishandling us

Why do men feel the need to touch or hold you inappropriately? In the past 2 days, I've had 3 men touch/grab me inappropriately. Before you start zile za "ulikuwa umevaa nini", I'll let you know that in all the instances I was fully dressed but that wouldn't stop them. Sometimes I am so disgusted... Continue Reading →


One man's celebrity is a nobody to another man (#facts)There's a day I wore a Calvins Klein tank top(thrifted of course) to school and a classmate of mine asked whether Calvin was my boyfriend or my brother. I was shook. Wow just wow! Made me realize that ignorance is bliss. Personally, I didn't judge him... Continue Reading →


What are the odds that my best friend and I talk about Grownish then the next minute I go on Instagram I find Yara Shahidi on my explore page (she's an actor on Grownish, pictured above) And this isn't the first time. The other day I was thinking about getting a new pair of headphones... Continue Reading →

LITTLE(the movie)

You guys, I went out. I took myself out for a movie. Is that wierd? Do people actually do that or are you already feeling sorry for me? So after stalking Marsai Martin on the gram long enough and seen that she was the brain behind the movie, Little, I decided to go watch it.... Continue Reading →


My first time attending an Indian engagement, I call it. I had to look up the meaning of Roka because I wasn't sure whether it was a wedding or an engagement. But the excitement my classmates and I had, felt like it was a wedding. We we're lucky to be invited. Thankyou Sunaina ❤️ So... Continue Reading →


Before anyone else asks me if I have Herpes let me make this clear.I have a scar on my upper lip on the right side and my classmates keep asking me what happened over the weekend. Nothing happened😡(Not that all of us haven't had Herpes Simplex 1 at some point, maybe a stranger kissed you... Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for food, a roof over my head, the clothes that I'm wearing. My mum, my dad, my sister, my best friend, my childhood classmates, my supervisors. school. I'm grateful for being a Kenyan. I'm also grateful for good health,my body, a great ass memory. I'm happy that I can... Continue Reading →

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